The alternative to Zoom

October 20, 2020

Zoom is a great solution to keep in touch with your colleagues. Organizing video conferences has never been easier. But there is a dowside. The American communication platform is criticized for different security and functionality issues. User data has been shared with Facebook and other third parties. Besides, many useful features are missing. That's why many companies start to look for alternative platforms. But why Hosted Nextcloud?

How safe can you make video calls?

Your company deserves the best communication platform to share confidential information. That’s why you should be critical! How is your data handled? What kind of features are available? Ask yourself these questions before choosing a communications platform. Many cloud platforms namely use metadata in order to register your activities. Thus, they have, for example, direct insight into author names and file modification time.

Zoom: Adequate but not sufficient

Zoom has made many improvements. With the 90-day plan, more than 100 security features were added. These range from robust host controls to cloud recording passwords. This sounds promising. But in the end, Zoom remains located in the United States. Their law is far more loose towards privacy, through which your data remains vulnerable to data leakages. Besides, Zoom is using Meeting Connector, through which the company can retrieve metadata. Thus, Zoom has direct insight into who is joining your video conferences. This is not ideal if you want to have important meetings. That’s why even American companies, such as NASA and Apple, look for alternative cloud providers.

Especially European cloud services have become increasingly popular because the European privacy law is far more strict. So why do many shift their focus to Hosted Nextcloud? Because we have built in security from the start! But there is even more...We have created many useful features, which will make your life much easier!

Is hosted-nextcloud the Alternative for Zoom?

Transparency is our most important value. Customers should know how we store their documents and files. Why? So that you don't have to worry about any security issues. That’s why our data center is located in the Netherlands. It is ISO-27001 certified and supported with 256-bit encryption. This allows us to be 100% GDPR ready. This also explains that we don’t retrieve meta data. But there is more than just security...

Great video and chat opportunities

Start video conferences at your own computer or mobile device with a single click. The video conferences are supported with chat groups. These can be used for individual or group conversations with your colleagues You can even call them or share your screen for holding presentations.

And many additional features

But Hosted Nextcloud does not remain limited to video conferences. We offer many additional features to Zoom, which are very useful for your business. Use the cloud to edit a document together with your colleagues. Or make appointments with our shared agenda. Data planning has never been so easy! You even have the opportunity to link your email with the cloud. You only need to register you email address, after which you have direct access to your in-box. Interested in the many other features? Click on the link

For any questions, feel free to contact the help desk. We are available by telephone, email and chat. This is all part of our service. We want to take the time to give you the best possible support!